Banana Apricot Smoothie Recipe


Banana and Apricot smoothie preparation method

Banana Apricot Smoothie Recipe

Method for making a smoothie with apricots and bananas

Desserts are delicious to eat in any setting. It is fantastic if the body receives the vitamins and minerals it needs by consuming this apricot banana smoothie snack. You can get considerable amounts of phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese, vitamins E, K, C, and A, niacin, and magnesium by eating apricots or bananas. By demonstrating two distinct methods for making banana and apricot smoothies, we hope to provide your body with these nutrients in a different way in this article. Join us if you want to learn more about the characteristics and directions for making this delicacy.

How to Prepare Apricot and Banana Smoothie

You will find two separate recipes in this area; the first uses fewer, simpler components, and the second uses more ingredients than the first.

You must prepare the items listed below and follow the directions below to make two glasses of apricot banana smoothie.

Banana Apricot Smoothie Recipe

Simple Banana and Apricot Smoothie Simple Recipe (first method):

– 2 teaspoons of honey

– One cup of dried apricots

– Three milk mugs

Wash the apricot and banana leaves first, letting the extra water drain from them. Slice up the banana after peeling it. Apricots and bananas should now be blended to a smooth consistency. After adding the milk and honey, give the mixture 1 to 2 minutes (depending on the power of the blender) to thoroughly blend the components. Your smoothie is prepared; consume it.

Recipe for an apricot-and-banana smoothie (second method):

Required materials:

  • One tablespoon honey

– 1 cup milk

  • 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt
  • One big banana

– 1/fourth teaspoon vanilla

– Ten apricots



Bananas and Apricots are washed to begin the first phase. The apricots should be cut in half, once the core has been removed. Bananas are peeled and chopped. Yogurt, honey, bananas, and apricots should all be added to a blender, and the mixture should blend for about a minute.
Vanilla and milk should now be added. Once the milk and fruit puree are thoroughly combined, continue to mix the ingredients for one additional minute. It’s time for your smoothie. Pour the mixture into a bowl and consume.


Tips for making a banana-apricot smoothie

Up to two teaspoons of honey can be added to either recipe. Your smoothie will taste sweeter than usual after you’re finished. To make both recipes even cooler, you can optionally add three to four pieces of ice.

It’s entirely up to you and how you want to use fresh or dried apricots. Making and banana and apricot smoothie is easy with any of these ingredients.

The leaves should be soaked in water for an hour before using them to make an apricot and banana smoothie.
This smoothie should be consumed right away or kept in the fridge for 24 hours, as advised.



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