Banana Milk Recipe

How to prepare banana milk

In order to make a unique combination, shake, or smoothie, milk can be blended with a range of fruits and nuts.

The most widely consumed milk-based beverage is banana milk. More unique flavors have recently been made by mixing in additional ingredients, such as ice cream, to banana milk. Your particular preferences and palate will influence the items you choose to use in your banana milk. Today, let’s examine the several ways to make banana milk collectively:

Making a unique banana milk recipe

The simplest approach should be used first. The introduction of nuts in the making of banana milk makes it a complete and satisfying beverage. A popular beverage, it may be seen on café menus.


1/5 cup milk

Two bananas

Two  tablespoons Walnuts chopped

One tablespoon of coconut powder

Almonds, sliced: 1 tbsp

The necessary amount of Sugar

It is sufficient to blend the milk, bananas, and milk in a blender until entirely combined for a few minutes when creating banana milk using this approach. add sugar as needed, and then use a mixer to thoroughly combine the ingredients for a further 2 to 3 minutes.

In a big glass, pour the prepared mixture with chopped walnuts and almond slices. Put some coconut powder on the top of your unique banana milk.



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