Pineapple Juice Recipe

How do you make pineapple juice?

Pineapple is a tropical fruit with hard, thick skin and eye-like protrusions on the outside. The fruit’s flesh is a beautiful yellow color that is delicious and appetizing.

Because pineapples may be challenging to eat and have a rough texture, pineapple juice is fairly common. Its juice is really easy to make.

the components needed to make pineapple juice

One teaspoon of honey

1 piece of chopped pineapple


Process of preparation:

Simply placing cut pineapples into a juicer and allowing it to do their thing will produce pineapple juice. Almost all of the sugar in this beverage is already there; sugar is not necessary.

You may sweeten it with a spoonful of honey if you like. To get the honey to dissolve, you may boil the pineapple juice.

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